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boardFormally established in the early 80’s, the Syed Group of Companies is a classic example of a successful eatery business in Malaysia. It traces its history to centuries ago, when its ancestors, passionate food aficionados, indulged in the joy of cooking. They set out on a historic journey to unite the different races and ethnicities of Malaysia; uniting them through food. They blended various traditional cuisines to form an overwhelmingly unique cuisine that catered to the tastes and fancies of all Malaysians simultaneously!

Five generations, characterized by a strong presence and involvement, in the food industry allows the company to boast of many enviable strengths. Most notable among them is their delectable signature dish—Bukhara Biryani, a product of years of creativity and passion introduced for mass catering in the year 1995. Subsequently, this delightful dish was incorporated in the retail menu as well.

The secret ingredient of the company’s success has undeniable been its dedication and commitment to quality and excellence. Only the finest quality ingredients are hand-picked to prepare every dish on the menu, resulting in a dish that is exceptional and unique, both in taste and presentation. The company holds patent rights for many of its successful gastronomical inventions, those already introduced, and also those that are yet to be listed on their menus. Each of these handmade delicacies is nothing short of an asset to the organization.

The Syed Group of Companies revels in its many accomplishments and successes over the decades. The establishment of restaurants across the nation is a very praiseworthy feat indeed. The leading restaurant in the metropolitan city of Kuala Lumpur is all set to celebrate its 30th anniversary—marking thirty long years of great food and great service.


Also high on the list of its distinguished achievements is the success-story of their Catering Department, established in the year 1981, which caters to various events and organizations, big and small. Their target market includes practically all sections of society—government departments, corporate institutions, and private functions and parties. Over the span of a mere three decades, the business has grown in leaps and bounds, with the average annual mass catering orders exceeding 700 deliveries, the equivalent of a minimum of two mass catering orders a day!

Being a pioneer and trend-setter, the organization has been a vital agent in contributing directly to the growth and development of the mass catering and restaurant industry in Malaysia. Generations of experience and expertise have afforded the organization the unique vantage point to offer consultancy and advice, to fledgling start-ups and existing businesses seeking to improve and improvise, on all matters pertaining to the food and catering industry—from design and conception, to operations and management best practices.

Syed Group of Companies has successfully captured the hearts, minds and tummies of all Malaysians alike!

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